Before travelling to Malta, students must make sure that they are in possession of the required documents which allow them to enter the country. For some, this includes obtaining a VISA. Luckily, the process of attaining your VISA should be fairly easy in most situations.

What makes having your VISA in order so important?

A VISA is a grant that gives you permission to travel to and remain in a country, usually specifying dates, time limits, and number of permitted visits. In other words, not having your VISA sorted (should you require it) will make it illegal for you to enter Malta and learn English at our school.

Should you require any clarification on attaining your VISA or any other queries related to the VISA in general, we suggest that you visit the website of Identity Malta agency at  This link also gives you information on who requires a VISA to enter Malta and information as to where to apply for that VISA may be obtained from here. If, after browsing this website, you find that your queries have not been resolved, you can send an email to

We offer free VISA support and will issue all the necessary documents once the invoice has been paid in full. While we promise to support students at all times, the school cannot be held responsible for decisions taken by embassies or immigration authorities regarding entry VISA.

Should the course and accommodation start dates be postponed due to delays in the VISA application process, the school cannot guarantee the original accommodation allocation. In the case that a VISA cannot be obtained, our cancellation policy will apply.

When in doubt, or if you need additional information, please visit our Contact Us page!