Why Malta

There are a number of reasons why Malta is an ideal place to learn English.

First of all, because it is an official language, most Maltese people are excellent speakers of English and this will give you the chance to exercise your language skills wherever you go.

The country is also extremely safe due to the overall friendliness of the Maltese. Crime rates are low and students can wonder around without fear.

Malta’s official currency is the Euro, which is convenient for most European nationals who can travel to the island without even having to worry about exchanging currency. However those who need to exchange currency have several options available to help them with this. The two largest banks are Bank of Valletta and HSBC Banks and are the best places to change money, as they almost always offer a significantly better rate than hotels or restaurants.

All major credit cards are widely accepted on the islands, making currency even less of an issue.

Living costs in Malta are reasonable – students should expect to spend anywhere from €100 – €150 a week depending on how much (and how often) they want to spoil themselves. A loaf of Maltese bread is around €0.50 and a packet of six 2-litre bottles costs around €2.50. Soft drinks cost around €1.50 and a small bottle of water around €1.00. There are various discount shops around that will offer you great prices on all food items.

It is similarly possible to enjoy a night out on a budget. Most clubs and bars do not require an entrance fee. Alcoholic beverages are averagely priced: A pint of beer costs around €1.50 and spirits can range from €1.50 to €3.00, depending on the establishment. Dining out can cost you anywhere from €12 – €40 depending on the type of restaurant visited – a regular pizza is rarely more expensive than €9. Very few restaurants include a service charge in the bill, so remember to factor in any tips you wish to leave. A tip of 10% of the overall is seen as generous in Malta.

Transport is also a manageable expense. While taxis aren’t the cheapest around, bus fares cost around €2 for a two-hour journey. Students can also apply for a special bus card that will make costs even less – a ticket for a one week unlimited travel costs around €21 only.