Basic 20 Course

Why choose the Basic 20 Course?

This is Eurocentres Malta’s most popular course. This is because having only 3 hours of tuition time every morning leaves plenty of free time to relax, get around and sightsee! Therefore, this course is ideal for those looking for a great balance between learning English and having a holiday. We have specifically designed this course to make sure that all four main skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) are adequately covered, revised, practised and improved upon.

The Classes

We believe in giving students as much attention as possible so classes are generally limited to 12 students per class. Since, there is an average of 8 students per class, you will get more time and more opportunities to speak, practice and get more personal attention in general. What’s more? We get students from all over the world, so in any of our classes you will find a healthy mix of different nationalities that allows you to make the most out of your speaking practice in English!

The Lessons

This programme contains the core general language lessons only, which add up to 20 lessons per week. This programme is basic in itself but gives you enough to ensure your learning success. Each Friday, during the review lesson, you will have the opportunity to look back over the week and make suggestions for the following week.

Your Course Teacher

Your main class teacher carefully plans a balanced, fully integrated, varied programme based on your learning needs. This ensures a goal-oriented learning programme for both long and short-term students.

Your Timetable

Price per week – 2018

Weeks Lessons L/S H/S
1-7 20/w €160 €220
8-20 20/w €145 €205
21+ 20/w €130 €130


  • A new, personalised, online learning platform my.Eurocentres
  • A completely refurbished building dedicated to learning English
  • A choice of courses ranging from 1 week to 1 year
  • A personal study plan to ensure fast progression
  • A great mix of nationalities
  • Free Wi-Fi