One-to-One Lessons

Why choose private lessons?

If you wish to improve your English rapidly, then this is what you need. You can have extra private lessons as a supplement to your course where you focus on what you want and need only, as opposed to sharing with a whole class. Alternatively, you can have an entire Private one-to-one course where it is just you and your personal teacher who can tailor the lesson/course just for you.

You will be able to concentrate on those difficult areas and overcome them. If you are taking extra lessons, you will be able to overcome those difficult spots and later catch up with other students in class. If you are having a private course, you will brush up on what you need to and go onto the next chapter in your life.

One might also want to take some specialised lessons that are designed depending on your topics of interest or Exam Preparation. If you need English for a specific role in your working or student life, then this kind of course is the one you should be after.

Private Lessons Style

Private English lessons are highly effective as well as intensive. The teacher will help you place emphasis on your individual study goals and focal points. Instructions will always be adjusted according to your language skills.

Private Courses are normally made up of 20 lessons per week. If private tuition is booked as a compliment to a group course, the student is recommended to always book 2 private one-to-one lessons each time. A private teacher will be assigned to you upon booking and will be with you during your entire stay with us.

One-to-One General Lessons

We encourage you to inform us about the topics, difficulties and aims that you would like to focus on, prior to your arrival or on your first day, so that we can prepare a tailor-made lesson for you. If a student has any ideas or materials in mind, they are also encouraged to send them prior to their arrival or present them upon arrival at the school.

One-to-One Academic Lessons

One might aim to follow an undergraduate or postgraduate course or apply for a new job and would like to sit for an exam in order to have a better chance in being accepted. Taking One-to-One Academic Lessons will help you to focus deeply on your difficulties, learn the techniques that the exam might require and allow you to have more confidence when sitting for your final exams.

This is a course designed for students who wish to improve their study skills, independent learning and research skills, and critical thinking.

One-to-One English for Special Purposes (ESP) Lessons

These lessons are booked upon request where the lessons are taught depending on the requirements of the learners. They are designed to give professionals better tools to achieve their professional goals. They can be taken as an addition to our one of the General Courses or even taken as full package of One-to-One ESP lessons. This creative course can be used to maximise your chances of finding your dream job or improve your current professional career. No matter what field you are coming from, be it Business, Medical, Legal, or any other, we can cater for you.

Course Low Season (per lesson) High Season (per lesson)
General English €28 €33
Academic / Special Purposes €32 €37

Advantages of One-to-One Lessons

  • Teachers can exclusively cater to a student’s strengths and weaknesses
  • You can cover subjects from all aspects of general English to specific topics like business English or specific professional topics – that is, law, medicine, marketing, and so on
  • No interruptions or distractions from other students
  • More speaking time for you
  • Lessons can be altered and adjusted according to your requirements