Super Intensive 30 IELTS Course

Why choose the Super Intensive 30 IELTS Course?

If you want to improve your English rapidly with the aim of completing and passing an international exam, recognised all over the world, then this is the course for you. This course will prepare you for IELTS (International English Language Testing System), recognised worldwide and a requisite of many companies, universities and governments. The IELTS exam tests all your English skills, that is, listening, speaking, reading and writing, and is an entry requirement for British, Australian, Canadian, New Zealand and South African universities.

Eurocentres is one of the largest IELTS test centres in Europe. Thanks to our expertise in testing, we know exactly what is necessary to achieve the score required.

The Classes

We believe in giving students as much attention as possible, especially when preparing for an important examination such as this one. Classes are always taught in small groups of no more than 12 students, meaning you will get more individual attention, more time and more opportunities to practise and have your say in general.

The Lessons

The Super Intensive is a General Basic 20 Course with an additional 10 lessons focused on IELTS exam preparation, techniques and how to tackle the exam in general. This programme is meant to increase your confidence and make you feel well-prepared when walking into the exam room thus ensuring a greater chance of success.

Your Course Teachers

Your main class teacher carefully plans a balanced, fully integrated, varied programme based on your learning needs. Your IELTS teacher will base the remaining 10 lessons on your exam preparation. This method ensures a goal-oriented learning programme for both long and short-term students.

Your Timetable

Price per week – 2018

Weeks Lessons L/S H/S
1-7 30/w €215 €275
8-20 30/w €200 €260
21+ 30/w €175 €175


  • A new, personalised, online learning platform my.Eurocentres
  • A completely refurbished building dedicated to learning English
  • A choice of courses ranging from 1 week to 1 year
  • A personal study plan to ensure fast progression
  • A great mix of nationalities
  • Free Wi-Fi