Your 24/7 access to your Eurocentres Experience

my.Eurocentres is an exciting new way to get ahead with learning a foreign language, and become a member of the Eurocentres community for life! You will get access to your personalised account when you enrol.

Before you arrive

– Start working on your personal study plan

– Practise the foreign language

– Take an online test

– Connect with future classmates

– Plan your social activities

For Further Information

Phone: Head office Zurich +41 (0)44 485 50 40

Phone: Head office London +44 (0)207 963 84 50


Or talk to your local Eurocentres consultant.

During your stay

–  Access assignments and teacher reviews

–  View vocabulary uploaded on a mobile app

–  Get study recommendations

–  Follow multi-media online exercises

–  Track your progress

–  Interact with classmates

–  Check and sign up for social activities

Available in

English: London Central, London Eltham, Brighton, Bournemouth, Cambridge, San Diego, Cape Town, Cairns, Melbourne, Sydney, Malta

French: Amboise, La Rochelle, Paris

After your stay

–  Continue your study plan for another month

–  Unlimited access to topical news lessons

–  Access your profile of achievement

–  Stay in touch with your new friends

“It’s very helpful to find information before the start of the course.” – Odilla, Brazil

“Incredible amount of exercises and exam practice.” – Yvan, Greece

I particularly loved the way it helped me to continue improving my English after my course.” – Sandrine, Switzerland