Our Teachers

Eurocentres Malta is committed to delivering a top quality service to you, but this cannot be possible without the help of our dedicated team of professionals. We have selected the best of the best when it comes to learning, so you are guaranteed that your teachers are experts and fully qualified in the language which they are teaching.

Our teachers use a variety of methodological approaches in order to draw up the ideal course material that they can use for your particular group.

Through their extensive experience, our teachers fully understand the importance of preparing personalised material according to each individual class so as to achieve the best results. Tailored courses ensure that they create the right environment for you to learn more effectively. This means that our classes are interesting and interactive, involving project and group work and using the most up-to-date materials and audio-visual facilities. The end result is quick progress and happy students.

Your teachers will organise courses in weekly modules with detailed learning objectives that are adapted to every student’s level. They will consult you to ensure that you are comfortable with your course and so that you understand what you aim to achieve towards the end of the programme. This degree of personalisation is imperative to the success of language courses at Eurocentres, and the teachers are the ones that make this happen. Students will be provided with review lessons at the end of each week where they will receive feedback on their progress from their teachers. In addition, they will also be available to speak to you regularly and to provide you with tips and recommendations for guided independent study at the learning centre.

Our teachers are there to assist you, so that at the end of your stay you will feel confident about the new level of English proficiency that you have achieved.