Student Testimonials

Unforgettable! Everything was just great at Eurocentres Malta!

*I really enjoyed studying here for two weeks. The staff have been very friendly and welcoming with me since the first day. I can say that they’ve made me feel very comfortable during the whole course. You know, they always show us a nice smile so that we may feel at home and ready to continue learning.

*The creative and well prepared teachers put all their effort in order to encourage us and they make us speak as much as possible with naturality and decision.

I wanted to say THANK YOU for your work, help and kindness!

This Bolivian student owes you a lot. May God bless you!

Miguel Angel Condo Soto

Bolivia | June 2016

My experience at Eurocentres Malta was fantastic.

I met so many people of different nationality, with whom I still keep in touch. In this school I found a family, available teachers and excellent staff. I never forget this beautiful experience.

Thank you!

Piera Assenzo

Italy | July 2016

Very friendly staff and familiar. I had the chance to met Students from around the world with other cultures.

Birgul Sessiz

Switzerland | May 2016

It’s a familiar school with very friendly and helpful staff and teachers. I like it very much and that’s the reason why I visited twice and plan my third time in the future.

Malta is a very very nice place to be. You can go sightseeing and diving. So you have an optimal mixture of study and holiday here.

Sven Schlingensiepen

Germany | March 2016

My experience in Malta was gratifying! The Eurocentres School is well organized, the staff and the teachers are competent, kind and very helpful. My host family made me feel like at home. Here I could immerse myself in a very interesting atmosphere, full of cultures and traditions. I met people from all around the world, so it was easy to improve my spoken English too. Malta offers some amazing places to see and delicious typical food to try. I definitely suggest Eurocentres school in Malta to study and have a great time!

Valeria Valla

Italy | May 2016

It was the first time when I really so interesting learn English language in my life. It was some hard, because before this some years I don’t used English language in daily life and forgot many words and rules. But so intensive talking and learning was very interesting, and has allowed me to feel and understand how and what I really should be to say that other people began to understand me!  Our group in school consisted of interesting and cheerful people from different countries – France, Venezuela, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Kongo, Russia and we all was in same situation and for understanding each of us talked only on English language.

In free from studying time I discover different parts and places of Malta, Maltias culture, it was funny and I derived pleasure from this!

I very glad to discover Malta!

Anton Volozhenin

Russia | April 2016

In these 3 weeks I really improve my speaking. When I came to Malta I was afraid of making a mistake and because of that I didn’t want to speak. During the lessons there was always a nice atmosphere. Trips, in which I participated, showed me the best places in Malta. I met also a lot of wonderful people from all over world and I’m still in contact with them. All these things made the holiday in Malta the best in my life.

Thank you Eurocentres and see you soon!

Asia Galiszewska

Poland | July 2016