TELT Exam Preparation & TEFL Cert. Induction Course

All the courses held at Eurocentres Malta are evening, part-time courses. There are two types of courses: TEFL Cert. Courses and TELT (Test for English Language Teachers). Both of these courses are regulated by the ELT Council.

TEFL Cert. Induction Course

Each Eurocentres Malta TEFL Induction Course is recognised and approved by the EFL Monitoring Board and the Ministry of Education in Malta, and developed in terms of Legal Notice 60/96 and 221/15. Eurocentres Malta TEFL Courses have also been recognised in many language schools around the world for employment purposes, most especially in countries where no official national TEFL qualification exists. Past participants on Eurocentres Malta’s courses are presently working in various European countries, in South America and in Asia. The TEFL Induction Course introduces participants to and gives practice in modern teaching methods. The main content of the course focuses on methods and techniques to help language learners communicate (speak, listen, read and write) using real-life, useful language. This highly practical course provides participants with basic teaching skills and knowledge to teach skills in a communicative and interactive way in a learner-centred EFL classroom. The EFL procedures and techniques are demonstrated on the participants themselves, and they are the exact techniques used in EFL classrooms everywhere. Participants are also guided through lesson-planning and other TEFL areas, including grammar and phonology terminology, until they finally begin experimenting their techniques by practising lessons on fellow trainees.

TELT Exam Preparation Course

The TELT Course led by Alan Marsh prepares participants for the TELT Proficiency Examination held by the ELT Council (formerly the EFL Monitoring Board) of the Department of Education in Malta. In this course, grammar (mainly tenses and parts of speech), phonology and other areas which appear in EFL course books and exam papers are covered in some depth. Some writing skills and differences between formal and informal English are also addressed. A pass mark in this exam is required (in addition to a TEFL Course Certificate) to teach EFL in Malta. Syllabus and Past Papers can be downloaded from