Terms and Conditions 2018


School Days:

The school is closed on the following public holidays; 01/01/18, 19/03/18, 30/03/18, 01/05/18, 07/06/18, 29/06/18, 15/08/18, 21/09/18 and from 24/12/18 to 28/12/18. During the remaining days of the week, lessons are extended to make up for most of the lessons lost.

We have two seasons;

Low-Season: 1st January – 16th June, 25th August – 31st December,

High Season: 16th June – 25th August.

Student Support:

Should you encounter any problem during your stay kindly contact the school on (+356) 21316604 during office hours. In case of an emergency please call (+356) 79207707.

If you are unhappy with anything in particular during your stay, it is extremely important to let the school staff know immediately. You can do this by either filling in the First Week Questionnaire that will be handed to you in the first week of your stay, or by speaking to any member of the staff at any time.

Any complaints received after a student’s stay in Malta, will not be accepted if the problem was not reported.

Students’ Behaviour:

We expect our students to be well-mannered and respectful towards the Eurocentres Malta team, fellow students, host families, flatmates and the public in general.  There shall be no possession and/or consumption of any illegal substances and/or alcohol, no damage to property or any behaviour that may endanger others.  Abidance to local laws is of utmost importance.

Any student who acts in an untowardly manner may be expelled from the course and accommodation with no refund, and any extra costs incurred by the school will be charged to the student. The School reserves the right to expel and repatriate any student it deems to have exhibited unreasonable behaviour.

Airport Transfers:

Airport transfers may be booked through the school.  Transfers are compulsory for all minor students and when booking Student Apartment accommodation as keys will be handed over by our drivers.

Correct flight details must be received by no later than 7 days prior to arrival. Details should include arrival time, flight number and airport of origin. In case of an emergency during your travel, kindly contact our transport service representative on (+356) 99434170.

Terms & Conditions:

This document entitled ‘Terms and Conditions’ is subject to minor changes that may be affected from time to time.  A copy of this document is given to students upon booking.  For the latest version kindly refer to the School website. The school advises students and representatives to consult with the School when in doubt.


Course Information:

  • 1 lesson = 45 minutes
  • Course days are Monday to Friday
  • The minimum number of students in every class is 4.
  • The maximum number of students in every class is 12.
  • The school does not exclude the possibility of using different premises with the same facilities for lessonsduring the High-Season.
  • On your first day of school, please be sure to be at the school at 08:15 to sit for your placement test.
  • Group courses cannot be converted into one-to-one lessons.

Reduction of Lessons:

Should a class of a particular level have less than 4 students, the reduced hours policy will come into effect and lesson times will be reduced as follows;

Basic 20 – 20 lessons per week

  • If there are only 1 or 2 students at a particular level, the number of lessons will be reduced to 10• If there are only 3 students at a particular level, the number of lessons will be reduced to 15

    Intensive 25 – 25 lessons per week

  • If there are only 1 or 2 students at a particular level, the number of lessons will be reduced to 12
  • If there are only 3 students at a particular level, the number of lessons will be reduced to 18

  Super Intensive 30, 30 IELTS – 30 lessons per week

  • If there are only 1 or 2 students at a particular level, the number of lessons will be reduced to 15• If there are only 3 students at a particular level, the number of lessons will be reduced to 22

Attendance and Absence:

Students are expected to be on time for their lessons and will not be allowed to enter the classroom if they are over 15 minutes late.

You are only allowed to be absent if you have been authorised to take a holiday.

If you are unwell and cannot attend class, you must phone or inform the school before 09:00 (+356 21316604). If you are unwell for 3 consecutive days or more, you need to provide a doctor’s certificate. If you are sick for over a week and can provide a medical certificate – you may ask for a course extension.

If you are studying in Malta on a Student Visa then you MUST attend 80% of lessons. If you do not, we will not support you in any extension required on your stay and we will be obliged to inform the Immigration Department.

Certificate & Report:

All students will receive a signed Certificate and a Breakdown of Skills before their departure – provided that you have attended at least 80% of all their classes. If you have attended less than 80% (excluding authorised holiday) then you will not receive a Certificate but only a letter. No certificate will be issued to students that have been expelled from the school.


Booking Conditions: Students booking an apartment must be at least 18 years of age.

Students booking a shared room will be placed with other students of any nationality and of the same gender; however the apartments are a mix of both males and females.

Our apartments are strictly non-smoking, and students are expected to keep the flat clean and tidy at all times. You will be sharing the apartment with other people and it is important to respect your flat mates.  Students are prohibited from inviting people into the apartments.

Garbage should be taken out according to instructions found in the apartment.

Use of electrical appliances, such as heaters for example, other than those supplied by the School are NOT allowed.

Please look after your key. In case it is lost, please inform the school immediately and it will be replaced at a charge.  Any damages caused by the student must be paid in full.

The school is entitled to inspect the apartments whenever necessary and without any prior notice.

If a student decides to change his/her apartment without sufficient reason, a €50.00 charge will be applied and is subject to availability.

Check-in & Check-out Times:

Check-in time at our apartments is 14:00, and check out time is 11:00. The school allows the common areas of the apartment to be used if a student is departing / arriving at a different time, however the bedrooms must be vacated. If a student wishes to have access to the bedroom, extra nights must be booked.


Booking Conditions: Should a student have any particular dietary needs, allergies, medical issues or any specific preferences, the school needs to be informed at the booking stage.

Eurocentres Malta reserves the right to change the accommodation address in case of any unforeseen circumstances.  The students will be notified in time before arrival.

If a student decides to change his/her host family without sufficient valid reason, a €50.00 charge will be applicable.  This is subject to availability and other charges may apply.

House Conditions: Students booking a shared room will be placed with other students of any nationality and of the same gender; however the majority of our families host a mix of both males and females in different rooms.

Students are not permitted to use the host family’s kitchen; however you can store food in their fridge. Always ask the host family to show you where the best place to store your food would be.  Beverages will only be provided during meal times.

Students are entitled to having their laundry done once a week.

Please ensure that host family keys are not lost. Should a student lose their host family house keys, fees for replacement of door locks will be incurred by the student.


It is extremely important to respect the host family and abide by their rules. Communication is of utmost importance so always let the family know your plans for the day.


Payments must be made in full 3 weeks prior to arrival date.  In case of late bookings, payments must be made upon confirmation of booking by Eurocentres Malta.

All payments are to be done in Euro (€).

Payments can be made either by bank transfer where all bank charges are to be paid by the client, or by credit card where bank charges will be incurred by card holder (3% charge standard – subject to change depending on card type).

If payment is not done in time and as stipulated, Eurocentres Malta reserves the right to cancel booking.

Bank Details:

Account Name


Bank Name

Bank Address


Sort Code

Swift Code

Account No

Calypso Island Ltd A/c Eurocentres Malta

29, Victor Denaro Street, Msida (MSD 1604),MALTA

APS Bank Ltd.

9, Rotunda Square, Mosta (MST 9042), MALTA






  • Any cancellations must be made up to 3 weeks prior to arrival. Students who cancel their booking in time will receive a full refund.Students who cancel their booking later than 3 weeks before the start date will receive a refund less a €250 cancellation fee.
  • If a student does not show up, no fees will be refunded.
  • No refunds are given once the student has commenced his/her course.
  • Should a student decide to shorten their course, the school may, (at its discretion), offer a credit note that can be used up to a year after the original booked period.
  • Please note that courses, accommodation and/or any credit note issued, will NOT be transferable to any other individual.


We recommend that our students take out travel and health insurance when travelling to Malta. The school will not be held responsible or liable to cover any medical expenses or any travel related costs.  Students’ possessions remain the responsibility of the student at all times and the school or management may not be held responsible for any loss or theft of personal belongings.

If you would like to be covered for personal accidents, medical expenses and travel related matters we recommend you visit: https://www.guard.me/eurocentresmalta/


The school must be provided with an emergency contact number for students under the age of 18.

A signed Emergency and Consent Form for Minors must be provided for minors with their curfew clearly stipulated. Otherwise students will have to abide by the school curfew which is 22:00 for under 16s and 23:00 for students aged between 16 -18. This is to be handed in together with the enrolment form upon booking.


Students must make sure that they are in possession of the required documents which allow them to enter Malta. We suggest that students visit the website for the Ministry of Home Affairs and Security – http://homeaffairs.gov.mt/. We offer free VISA support and will issue all the necessary documents once the invoice has been paid in full. Whilst we promise to support students at all times, the school cannot be held responsible for decisions taken by embassies or immigration authorities regarding entry VISA. Should the course and accommodation start dates be postponed due to delays in the VISA application process, the school cannot guarantee the original accommodation allocation. In the case that a VISA cannot be obtained the abovementioned Cancellation Policy will apply.


By submitting their information, students agree to the storage and use of the information by Eurocentres Malta. Information collected by the school will not be passed on to any other organisation or third party and will be stored and processed in accordance with the local Data Protection Act.